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At PRJ Consulting, we believe that an in-depth understanding of our client’s desired outcomes, their business challenges and opportunities, and the culture they have built and nurture, is the starting-point for demonstrated expertise with any client. Whether the client opportunity is a Fortune 50 company, a national higher-education organization, or a regional municipality, expertise begins with a passion to invest in understanding the client’s needs – all of them! It is the PRJ starting-point for a client relationship and we believe that is one reason over 90% of our clients come to us through direct referrals.


We are specialists in all applications of PeopleSoft and across all Oracle technologies. We have a keen understanding of the intricacies of PeopleSoft and Oracle both in the ‘now’ and in the transition to the future. And, we continuously invest in our business to ensure we not only exceed our client’s expectations but also help them capitalize on the full-potential of their investment. PRJ distinguishes itself from most competitors by providing its deep expertise and knowledge to its clients, to its market partners, and to global system integrators and their teams.

95+% of our clients come to us through direct client referrals. Find out why today!


Technology challenges and choices – projects start and projects end. Outcomes? They are real, they are measurable, and they must be sustainable. PRJ is an outcome-driven enterprise at its core. Whether our clients business is trying to achieve long-term sustainable growth, capitalize on an evolving market need, empower the organization through self-service, or transition to the future of PeopleSoft and Oracle, PRJ focuses foremost on what really matters: Outcomes. And at PRJ, we don’t just rely on a check-marked approach to gauge outcome success; we also believe knowledge transfer is fundamental to outcome sustainability. We strive for that definition of success.

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