About PRJ Consulting


Client Service First – Quality and Expertise Delivered – Outcomes Focused.

By adhering to that simple yet powerful formula, PRJ has built a strong reputation in the market among its clients, Oracle, market partners, global system integrators, and with and among the many skilled resources that are deployed to PRJ client engagements. PRJ Consulting Inc. was formed in 2007 as a consultancy services firm specializing in Oracle technologies and Oracle’s PeopleSoft enterprise solutions. Since formed, PRJ has served over 60 clients in both the public (government and higher education) and the private (commercial) markets and has earned the standing of being a ‘Tier 1’ firm in many of the clients they serve. PRJ serves clients worldwide and is headquartered in California.

The PRJ business has been built on a foundation of providing deep technical, application, industry and domain expertise to the market spanning every aspect of the ERP space. Differentiated by PRJ’s ability to rapidly deliver the most highly skilled resources to the client, its reputation for solving the most ‘complex’, and with a recognized focus on quality outcomes and performance, PRJ has proven its ability to provide its clients with the most comprehensive enterprise software application knowledge and advanced technical expertise available. PRJ clients trust and value its insight, experience and responsiveness to support them in every area of their evolving business, application and technology needs – empowering them to quickly advance in today’s challenging business environment.

Mr. Jeff Lipis – Founder

Mr. Lipis co-founded PRJ Consulting and has direct responsibility for the operations of the company, as well as leadership regarding Oracle, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, Workday, networking, cloud and security technologies. With over 20 years’ experience with PeopleSoft he specializes in integration strategy and planning, complex technical environments, data management, and is a recognized expert in all PeopleSoft applications and tools. He is Oracle certified in a number of technical areas and provides active technical leadership and counsel to PRJ market partners and on client engagements in diverse industries.

mCORE Group – Our Team

Understanding the PeopleSoft environment takes years to master, which is why PRJ Consulting formed the M-Core Group, a dedicated PRJ force of PeopleSoft, Oracle and technology ‘Master’ experts. All members of our M-Core Group are experienced professionals, trained over many years in their respective areas of expertise, whether it is PeopleSoft applications, specific technologies, tools and environments, or critical business domains such as human resources, finance or higher-education. PRJ’s reputation in the industry enables us to attract the best talent in the market, and our M-Core Group of over 300 strong ensures that PRJ provides exactly the right expertise at the right time for our clients needs.


At PRJ Consulting, every client is unique in some fundamental way. The uniqueness may be in the business and organization model, the competitive challenges and opportunities, the specific goals and objectives intended, or in the technical environment that supports the business. In the world of cloud and on-premise ERP systems, uniqueness does NOT need to demand ‘customization’ – it needs to demand a deep understanding of the clients’ environment, an innovative approach to solutions, and the experience to help deliver the results. That is what PRJ does – every day, at every client.

The four greatest reasons why clients partner with PRJ Consulting for their most important initiatives

1. Our People
Our people bring business and domain expertise, deep knowledge in the ‘now’ and the future, a dedication to each client’s success, and 15 plus years average experience to all our clients’ challenges.


2. Our Holistic Approach
We offer proven, expert capabilities throughout our client engagements; from developing the strategy and roadmap, through highly successful implementation and integration services, and on-going journey management services.


3. Our Collaborative Culture
We believe in truly partnering with our clients. We strive for a strong cultural fit and a trusted adviser relationship with a focus on delivery and knowledge transfer. Our consultants are personally invested in our clients’ mission and dedicated to their success.


4. Our immense Expertise
We are sought-after thought leaders and experts in multiple software solutions and technologies, known by clients and market partners for solving complex business and integration challenges.


PRJ Consulting Inc., as an Oracle and PeopleSoft specialty services firm, has aligned its business directly to Oracle’s market and technology leadership. Oracle Inc. is a global leader across all dimensions of the technology and solution spectrum. With its legacy hardware, infrastructure and enterprise software solutions serving nearly 400,000 businesses worldwide, Oracle is aggressively transitioning its business model and solutions to the ‘new’ era of technology. An era globally defined in terms of cloud computing, SaaS and PaaS models, ‘big’ data, business analytics, and enterprise software interoperability.


Our 100% commitment to Oracle, has served to create strong PRJ relationships within the Oracle organization and among its partners, position PRJ at the forefront of Oracle’s strategic and market direction, and enable PRJ to fully leverage the benefits of the relationship to PRJ clients.


Similarly, PRJ partners with a number of global system integrators and technology firms, as well as a number of smaller niche service and technology providers. PRJ’s unique PeopleSoft specialty allows these global integrators to aggressively serve complex market opportunities knowing that PRJ will be there to assist when necessary.


The PRJ ‘let-them-lead’ approach to partnering is welcomed and valued by PRJ partners, and has proven to be a unique experience for global clients. In effect, clients continue their long-standing relationship with the global integrators, but also get the added value of specialized PeopleSoft and Oracle expertise provided only by PRJ. This has proven to be a successful partnering formula.

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